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FANTASTIC In every way. Prompt, courteous, did the job in record time, was incredibly neat and just a real pleasure to be around. I will recommend you, and him, to everyone!

Pacific Palisades, CA
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Ikea recommends two companies for assembly. I left a panicked message at both companies wanting assembly ASAP!!! Assembly Masters responded immediately and sent someone out the next day. There was only a two-hour window time for arrival, and they phoned me day of to give a thirty-minute heads-up. This couldn't be a more professional service. Labor was just fine and the chairs are still holding up, after all these weeks! I still haven't heard from the other company yet.

Roxy C.
Los Angeles, CA
Build it and they will come assemblymasters003008.jpg Home and office furniture, fitness equipment and sporting goods assembly
On-Site Service in Los Angeles and Orange County Areas of Southern California
If you’re looking for straight answers, scheduling that doesn't leave you waiting all day for service (like the cable guy!) and quality workmanship you can count on, then contact us today! Assembly Masters is your trusted friend in the product assembly business.
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Founded on the fundamental principals of superior customer service, detailed communication with our customers and a “value-added” attitude that creates win-win advantages for everyone; Assembly Masters is your local connection for on-site assembly service in your home, private office, business or institution of RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) furniture, fitness equipment and sporting goods. Our AMT's (Assembly Master Technicians) take pride in what they do. Experienced, uniformed and insured; our team of professionals convey the confidence you are looking for and deserve. We have a saying around here – “Be a blessing to someone today!”

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